Holistic care for children and young people affected by sexually harmful behaviour

SWAAY is a specialist provider of care for boys and young males who have displayed sexually harmful behaviour.

Based in the Thames Valley, we work with 10-21 year olds who have engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviour and who have often suffered multiple forms of abuse themselves.

We work to reduce the risk these young people pose, meet their complex needs and help them manage their physical and behavioural difficulties so they can leave their past traumas behind, build healthy relationships and lead responsible and rewarding adult lives.


‘We help our young people regain the voice denied to them by the closed world of abuse, so they can finally speak out and re-engage with the community around them.’
Ged Berry, Operations Director, SWAAY

Latest News

Congratulations to Anja and her team at SC431803 who were awarded an Outstanding judgement by Ofsted on the care they provide for the boys who live at this home! We are also grateful to all the other SWAAY staff who support our homes, our school and the Young People we work with.